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Food in the Castle

Restaurant : the Fairies Feast

The Restaurant of le Rivau is open everyday from 12pm to 2.30pm from April 1st to September 30th and from October 12th to November 1st.

Salads Soups and Pies are available to eat in the middle of the kitchen garden of le Rivau or inside.
Our salads and tomatoes are from the garden when our production allow us and we pride ourself in offering a healthy and original lunch. You will be able to taste our vegetarian "garden salad", our "rivau bees salad " (goat cheese, honey glazed almonds, bell peppers, salad). For meat lovers we offer a Touraine Salad with rillon a pork speciality of the region or a chicken salad.
Please book on our contact form or per phone at +332 47 95 77 47.

Download our Menu here

The restaurant is open for the visitors of Rivau only..

Restaurant next to ChinoN

Have Tea in the garden

Le Rivau Flower Bar is open on the long weekends of Mai and June and during the months of July and August from 3.30pm to 6pm.
We offer a range of products made from flowers and fruits that will be a quaint discovery to most of you. Flowers were an essential part of gastronomy in the middle ages.

Wine tasting is also possible in our flower bars and wine lovers will be able to taste the differences between the "Chinon Teroirs" and the different kinds of Loire Valley wines. For a group Tasting, please book in advance